Blue Brothers TEK & CCR

brings you happiness in the dark zones of the Red Sea

Blue Brothers TEK Is at Sharm El Sheikh one of the world’s best dive locations.
Eissa is our main Technical & CCR Trimix Instructor.
Eissa is highly experienced well trained technical instructor following all GUE technical protocols.
We offer all technical OC& CCR courses (GUE, TDI , IANTD,Padi)
We offer OC ,CCR ,cavern&cave,advanced wreck and tech Sidemount courses.
We do technical OC&CCR guiding all over the Red Sea.
We offer technical live aboard in the most deep beautiful shipwrecks in the Red Sea.

Blue Brothers Tek doesn’t compete prices we just provide high quality service.
Blue Brothers TEK Is going really deep and deep trying to explore new deep intact caves and shipwrecks.
Our aim is to deliver you professional technical training with joy and smile.

We live to wreck dive.

We live to Tec dive.

We live to cave dive.

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