About us

Eissa is a well known Technical & CCR instructor in the Red Sea based in Sharm El Sheikh.
Eissa started his carrier in diving 1996 in Hurghada and worked for 3 years as a liveaboard guide in the southern islands of the Red Sea having a great experience in the Red Sea and based in Sharm El Sheikh since 2000.
Eissa is well known as a very responsible cave and deep wrecks Technical instructor.
Worked with alot of big Diving companies.
Eissa opened his Blue Brothers TEK at Sharm El Sheikh 4 years ago and so happy of his achievement.
Having completed technical deep dives beyond 100m and up to a maximum of 190m, he is the choice of many experienced Gue,TDI, IANTD Technical& CCR ITs, instructors and divers worldwide.
He is known as well one of the best Sidemount instructor in the area.
Thank you for your choice.
See you around in the dark zones.